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I know, I know.  We think we’ve got this thing all figured out.

It’s the calories!  Right? Calories in, calories out.  If you’re eating more than you burn via exercise, then you gain weight…simple.

Or so we thought.

This is a strategy followed by many a dieter, and it seems straight forward enough.  The problem, though, is that not all calories are created equal!  I promise you, 100 calories of strawberries will NOT affect your body the same way that 100 calories of frosting will.  So, although there is some truth to the “calories in, calories out” philosophy, it’s not enough for long-term permanent weight loss.

Okay, so we need to eat the right kind of calories; the good kind from healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, right? 

Well, yes, this is an excellent start and it’s going to put you way ahead of the game.  Problem is, do you always crave fruits and vegetables?  (Or are you still thinking about that frosting I mentioned earlier?)  Lol.  I know how this game works.

You see, we crave what’s in our blood stream, and unless you detox and clean out the old gunk (and believe me, if you’ve ever eaten processed foods, like bread and cheese, you are full of gunk), then we are doomed to keep repeating the same old cycle over and over.  Have you ever said, “Never again”…… again?  Food cravings can take down even the most disciplined health nut if they haven’t cleansed their system properly and fully.

Okay, so we need to cleanse, detox AND eat the right foods.

Taa Daa!  Now you are ahead of 99% of America, thriving on an awesome diet, losing weight, and feeling better than ever.  BUT….then you fall off the wagon…again.  Arg.

So what’s up?  You did all the cleanses (parasite, colon, fasting, etc.), you learned enough about nutrition to write your own text book, you ate fruits & veggies and juiced until you turned orange (yes, it can happen), but you’re still struggling, feeling more confused than ever.

Here’s why:

Most of our “problems” as human beings are more than skin deep.  Their root cause is often found in the mental and emotional realms.  What’s more, knowledge isn’t enough (if it were, smokers would have quit smoking long ago).  So although you know what to do, you may find that certain foods just seem to have a power over you.  If you think I’m talking about food addiction, you’re on to something.

But what causes food addiction?

Well, there is certainly a physiological cause of food addiction stemming from food chemicals, additives, refined foods, msg (and it’s derivatives), stimulants such as coffee, etc. (This in itself is a subject for an entire article, if not a book!)  But there is also an emotional component to addictive eating patterns.  Whether it is stress, depression, anxiety, or just plain boredom (which is usually a cover for some underlying uneasiness); our inability to deal with our emotions drives us to eat. It actually drives all sorts of destructive behaviors, but we will stick with Emotional Eating for now.

It looks something like this:  Unresolved Emotional Issues > Discomfort > Eating too much and making unhealthy food choices in an attempt to “feel better” > Weight Gain > :(

So, what is the solution?

Well, you need a very expensive magic pill.  Kidding, only kidding.  If you’ve been following High Vibe Life for awhile, you know there is no such thing as a magic pill. (Though I always reserve space for Divine Intervention!)

Aside from God’s grace, we need to have the courage and willingness to face our “stuff” if we want lasting freedom from emotional eating and the permanent weight loss that goes along with it.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Doing the Inner Work is some of the most difficult work a person will do in their lifetime . However, it is also the most Rewarding.

Does that mean all the other weight loss and wellness strategies are a waste of time?

Not at all.  This all works together synergistically.  Calories, food choices, and cleansing do matter, and each can play a role in weight loss. As you detox and clean up your diet, you make space for the suppressed emotions to surface.  When you make space, the old issues present themselves to be healed.  What you do in that moment is up to you.  You can choose to suppress them again or to face them and overcome.  And as the emotions are released and healed, you experience increasing freedom from Emotional Eating.