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Yesterday I was going about my mundane business…trying to squeeze myself into an impossible parking spot… when a bumper sticker caught my eye:

“Remember Who You Wanted to Be”

Hmmm….Had I forgotten?

Funny how a faded, weather-torn sticker can carry such a powerful message. You see, most of us DO forget. We start out young and inspired, with a dream in our hearts.

But somehow – like that worn out bumper sticker – the ravages of the “real world” seem to beat that dream down until it is a quite voice behind the loud speaker of life.

Is it true that we have to “grow up”, be “realistic” and give up on our dreams in order to “make it” in this world?

Let me tell you why nothing could be further from the truth….and how this conditioned way of thinking actually harms us all.

First, we have to contemplate what we mean by “grow up” and “make it” in this world. How many miserable adults with money do you know? By the way, it’s not the money. You can make abundant wealth following your dreams. But more importantly…

That quiet voice in your heart was put there for a reason. We all come into this world with divine gifts to express. If we stuff them down or ignore them in the name of being “realistic”, we’ve missed a huge opportunity for divine fulfillment that is far beyond any temporary happiness money could ever bring.

Which leads me to another powerful bumper sticker I saw back in my 20’s:

“Those who discourage you from following your dreams,

have already given up theirs.”

The sad truth of that statement has troubled me ever since.

Instead of resenting the people who don’t support your dreams…have compassion. They suffer from the same cultural programing and doubts as you.

But here’s the Beautiful Truth:

When you live True to your Self and follow your dreams…you inspire others to do the same. You set an example and give them “permission” to listen to their own hearts as well.

We are all connected in the Cosmic Field and when one soul “Lights Up” we all become a little brighter.