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Sacred Geometry of Nature

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Raw Foods & Living foods are Intelligent

Not only do they benefit our physical health and well being tremendously, but they also carry the sacred blueprint of Nature which positively affects our consciousness.

Our human body is an exquisite creation of Nature, full of such sophistication and mystery, which modern science is far from conquering.  Everything the human mind has done to “improve” upon nature, especially in the realm of nutrition, has done more harm than good.  Cooking, processing, packaging, preserving, and the addition of a multitude of artificial/synthetic chemical ingredients aimed at enhancing flavor, shelf-life, and supplementation are all examples of a futile attempt to improve upon perfection.  What’s more, our tinkering with nature has proven to have grave consequences on our physical health, cognitive functioning, emotional stability and overall quality of life.

Sacred Geometry

FibonacciChamomileThe Fibonacci Sequence, sometimes called the “Fingerprint of Creation”, is a mathematical sequence found throughout nature that creates a Spiral.  Each consecutive number is reached by adding the previous two numbers as follows:   0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13, 21

Here is a Yellow Chamomile head showing the arrangement in 21 (blue) and 13 (aqua) spirals. Such arrangements involving consecutive Fibonacci numbers appear in a wide variety of plants. (Source: Wikipedia)