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Greens smoothies are one of the BEST ways to get more raw greens (with their life-giving chlorophyll) into your diet.  And, when done right, they are SWEET and DELICIOUS!  I drink one every morning…and sometimes more!

Green Smoothies are an excellent way to begin your day.

Starting out in the morning with something FRESH sets you up to make better food choices throughout the day. You can have a green smoothie before your regular breakfast or as a breakfast replacement.
You can also have a green smoothie as a mid-day snack. Since it’s made with fruit, it’s best to drink this smoothie on an empty stomach, as fruit digests best alone (or with greens).
How can it help you Lose Weight?
Green smoothies are a complete balanced package loaded with all the good stuff.  The natural fruit sugars give you even energy, the water keeps you hydrated, the minerals help curb cravings, and the fiber keeps you full and satisfied while also keeping you regular (a key factor in weight management and good health).

A very basic recipe is to blend 2 bananas and 1 apple with 1-2 leaves of kale (you knew I was gonna bring KALE into this one!) and some water (as thick or thin as you like it).  If the taste is too GREEN you can back off the kale or use a “gentler” green like spinach* or lettuce, which is the lightest in flavor.

You can also get fancy with all sorts of tropical fruits (like mango or papaya), and a mixture of different greens (like kale, parsley, and lettuce).  Frozen fruits are not ideal but they’ll work in a pinch.  Canned or sugar-sweetened fruit is almost defeating the purpose…avoid it altogether.

Like Chocolate? You can also add coco powder (or carob or cinnamon) for a special treat.

The idea is to INCREASE your intake of Greens.  So start light, and as your taste buds adjust, slowly increase the amount of greens….the more the better.

Special Tip #1 – A Vitamix blender will make your smoothie much more SMOOTH.  (I like it better than the Ninja) After burning up several cheap blender models, I finally made the investment and never looked back.

Special Tip #2 – A teaspoon of flax seeds will reduce the “foam factor”.  This works great in Vitamix…depends on the model for other blenders.  If your blender can’t blend the seeds, you can alternatively use flax meal, but you should grind it fresh in a spice grinder because the oils in flax go rancid quickly.  Only do store-bought flax meal if you find it in the fridge and it is very fresh.)

*Special Tip #3 – Don’t use spinach daily for long periods of time due to the natural oxalic acid.  (Really not a major concern, but I’m thorough.)


If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.