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Raw Food Diet ApricotsFruit is not only Delicious, but it has the perfect ratio of water, fiber, and nutrients for optimal health.  Unlike refined white sugar, which can throw your whole system out of whack (blood sugar spikes, dehydration, mood swings, mineral depletion, etc.), Fruit is Whole and Balanced which creates the same in you – Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally.

Want to feel good? – Eat fruit. 

Want to look good? – Eat fruit. 


Your Body and Brain run on glucose, that’s why you have a sweet tooth!  And Nature has provided the perfect remedy.  Everything in Nature is like that, perfect Balance and Harmony.  Only many of us have lost touch with this original wisdom.  Fortunately, though, you can re-connect whenever you choose.

Blood Sugar Problems?
Some people claim that they cannot eat fruit because they cannot have the “sugar” (such as those with Metabolic Syndrome).  Two key points are missing from this line of reasoning:
#1) Many people do not understand the difference in carbohydrate sources (white sugar, fruit, and complex carbs like beans/brown rice) and how the body reacts to each.
#2) Many people are unaware of how food combinations affect blood sugar.  Evidence is mounting that it is the amount of FAT in the bloodstream inhibiting the uptake of glucose, and not necessarily the sugar itself. (More on this in a future post.)
This leads me to the second hindrance….

Problems Digesting Fruit?
Many people say fruit “doesn’t agree with them”.  Maybe it’s actually that “they don’t agree with fruit”.  Let me explain.  Fruit has always maintained it’s position in the balance of nature, but it is we who have changed.  Most animals in nature generally eat one item until satisfied (either by nutrients or calories) and then move on.  We, however, indulge in a smorgasbord of a million-and-one foods, often in the same bite!

Here’s the Key Insight:  Fruit doesn’t combine well with other foods. (except greens)  It contains simple sugars that require little to no digestion.  If these sugars are “slowed-up” by fats, proteins, or starches then they can ferment and create digestive trouble (and blood sugar trouble as mentioned above).   Solution? – Eat fruit on an empty stomach.  Fruit is an ideal breakfast food all on it’s own or as a pre-meal to your regular breakfast.  You can also eat fruit throughout the day as a snack or as part of your meals, as long as you eat it alone on an empty stomach.  When having a meal, simply eat your fruit first, wait a few minutes (5-15) then have whatever it is you are planning to eat for your meal.

Craving dessert?
If you tend to crave desert after your meals, try starting out by filling up on your favorite sweet fruit first (like mangoes!).  You may just find that candy-crack isn’t “pulling on you” as strong as before.

Okay Fruity Friends, until next time….
Enjoy some of Nature’s Candy!