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Step 1 – Recognizing Emotional Eating

You may have heard it before, and it’s true; the first step in resolving any issue is recognizing that it’s a problem to begin with. If you have been eating emotionally for most of your life (which many of us have), it is very likely that this has become an unconscious habit for you. You need to first have the awareness of what you are doing and how it is negatively affecting your life before you are ready to adopt a solution. That’s where my previous two articles come in handy: 15 Signs of Emotional Eating (part 1) and 15 Signs of Emotional Eating (part 2). Once you see and acknowledge that you are indeed eating emotionally, then you’re ready to start breaking the cycle.

Step 2 – Breaking the Cycle

I titled this article “Freedom from Emotional Eating” because if you eat emotionally, you know what a prison food can sometimes feel like. We are talking about Freedom, which is no small thing. Breaking free from emotional eating is going to require doing some “inner work”; and I will honestly tell you, it isn’t always easy. However, doing this work will improve your life in all areas (not only physical health, but mental-emotional health as well). Healing is wholistic, so as you free yourself from emotional eating you will find new horizons and experiences opening up to you that were being buried all this time under too much food. Many of these new positive experiences can also be highly emotional, so they will offer even more opportunities to maintain your commitment to freedom from emotional eating.

Step 3 – Making it Conscious

What happens when you shine a light on a shadow? It disappears. Emotional eating is much the same; when you shine the Light of your Consciousness on what has habitually been an unconscious process, you startle that unconscious part of yourself awake and begin unraveling the deeper knots that have kept you bound to emotional eating for too long.

Emotional eating is basically a form of unconsciousness. When we engage in emotional eating it is usually an attempt (in one form or another) to “go to sleep”, to escape, avoid, to not feel. However, when you make your emotional eating conscious you have just made the choice to “be awake”. This is hugely powerful! Even if you continue to polish off that dish of brownies, you just made a quantum leap in consciousness that will eventually lead to your freedom from emotional eating. The most important thing is to maintain consciousness, be the observer, watch what is going on with you inside and out. You can work on making your emotional eating conscious by waiting for those moments of realization, or you can be more proactive by making it a point to ask yourself every time you are eating or about to eat, “How am I feeling right now?”. That in itself is enough to initiate powerful changes in your life.

Step 4 – Love Thyself

Once the realization dawns that you just had an emotional eating episode (or you are in the middle of one) the very next move that will help you to maintain your conscious presence (and avoid going back to sleep), is to invoke Self Love. Make a firm commitment NOW to love yourself exactly as you are, knowing that Love will set you free.

Judgement never solved anything. We are all facing challenges in this human life and working through them the best we can. Yet, unfortunately, most of us also live with a critic in our head who constantly points out where we are bad and wrong. This negativity and judgement only leads to more unconscious emotional eating as we try to further escape the depressing effects of self-criticism. I’m telling you: That critic in your head will keep you stuck.

It’s high time to fire the judgemental critic and hire a new voice, someone who loves you deeply, unconditionally and wants the very best for you in all ways. It can be your Higher Self, an Angel, or any other voice that you know is on your side.  And if you ever do hear the critic trying to get a word in, politely remind him that he doesn’t work for you anymore. Goodbye. Hang-up. Then dial into your support.

We all know the power of forgiveness, and that includes forgiving You. If you have “woken up” again in the middle of an emotional eating binge, or maybe even realized what happened after it was all over, that is the moment to move into the energy field of forgiveness. It really is as simple as making the choice to vibrate in love and acceptance. By doing this you will magnify your ability to stay conscious many times over and make infinitely more progress in freeing yourself from the cycle of emotional eating.

Step 5 – Be Patient, it’s a Process

This is probably one of the most important steps, as I don’t know anyone who has mastered emotional eating in one attempt. Like everything else worth having in life, freedom from emotional eating takes work and is absolutely worth working for. Keep your goals in front of you and never stop ascending.


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