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Please fill out this application BEFORE your appointment so we can make the most of our time together.

(Note: By submitting this application you are not required to purchase any coaching services, nor are you guaranteed coaching services.)

Application for High Vibe Life Coaching with Siddheshwari Devi

Which coaching option are you applying for?

Which BEST describes your current nutrition plan?

Which is your preferred healthcare provider? (You may see a combination of practitioners, but which category is your main go-to for health advice?)

Have you seen any plant-based documentaries (e.g. What the Health, Game Changers, Food Matters, etc.)?

Do you have a supportive community to help you reach your health and weight balance goals?

We recommend buying only organic produce because it is the BEST on every level. Also, our program includes recommendations for herbal supplements that are highly beneficial for optimal results (approx. $100 in addition to coaching fee). Are you able to include these success elements in your budget?

11 + 15 =

Be sure we receive your application. If you are not redirected to my homepage after clicking “submit” then your form was not sent. Please check that all required fields are filled in. Then re-type the answer to the math question and click submit again.

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Notice to applicant: High Vibe Life is a wellness education and coaching service. We are not doctors nor licensed medical professionals, and we do not diagnose, treat nor cure any medical conditions nor diseases. The responsibility is 100% yours for any and all decisions you make, and the consequences thereof, regarding your health, nutrition and/or lifestyle. By submitting this application you acknowledge your understanding of this notice.