High Vibe Life

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About High Vibe Life

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High Vibe Life was created to inspire and educate you along your Journey into Raw Living Foods and Conscious Evolution.  This is a journey to abundant wellness, on all levels, which is your natural birthright.  A journey where you invite more fresh raw living foods into your being and open up to accelerated personal growth. A journey where you take responsibility not only for your physical health but also your mental/emotional state and ultimately your state of consciousness

If you’ve come to this website, then you already have the consciousness to see the infinite beauty and intelligence in nourishing your body with the best foods on earth, the foods we were designed to thrive on.  It is a time of great transformation on this planet and you are part of that.

Take a glance around and you see that our society as a whole is unwell and getting worse with each generation.  We have more pills, more procedures, and soaring medical costs, but we are sicker and heavier than ever and the rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease (the leading causes of premature death) are at an all-time high.  …..Something is obviously not working here… and what we are consuming is a major factor.

Unfortunately, there is so much confusion and mis-information around the simple act of nourishing ourselves.  Forget about junk food, what many people consider health food these days is nothing more than slick marketing packaged with addictive additives that only work against our efforts to achieve optimum health.  If we look around at the choices people are making and the results they are getting we can easily see if it’s a road we want to go down.  The garbage our society is ingesting is toxic to our physical, mental and emotional well being.  It is damaging our vital life-force and decreasing consciousness as well.  Is this what we signed up for?

One thing is for sure, the best time for change is Now.  More and more I see people waking-up and choosing to take responsibility for their health and happiness.  For those of us who are ready to make a change, there is a world of beauty, abundance and vibrant health that we have been missing out on for far too long.  High Vibe Life is here to help you make that shift in your life.

It took me a long time and a lot of suffering to sift through all the mis-education and conflicting advice.  I want to give you the tools and information that will provide you with a short-cut taking you straight to the top – past all the diet-fad and weight loss hype, and a healthcare system that is really a sickness-maintenance program (with negative side-effects).

I’m committed to inspiring and empowering conscious people like you to make positive lifestyle choices.  It’s amazing how simple small changes can add up to totally transform our life for the better; to move you from surviving to actually thriving.  You don’t have to do it all at once….No matter where you are today, there are always positive ways you can improve and reap the benefits now.

Diet Refinement

What you ingest you incorporate into your being. Your diet has a profound effect on your state of consciousness and is fundamental to all spheres of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Food is not only for your physical nourishment, but also carries subtle energies that can either support or hinder your spiritual progress and well being. High Vibe Life offers education and Private Coaching for all levels of diet refinement by introducing higher vibrational elements such as whole foods and raw living foods into the diet. We work with people from all dietary backgrounds, including the Standard American Diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, and beyond. We also help you address underlying emotional issues that may be blocking your progress and ability to make conscious change. Wherever you are, you can always take small but significant steps to raise your diet and life to the next level.

Weight Loss & Healing

Excess weight and all dis-ease conditions are indications of being out of alignment with nature and the higher laws. When your body, mind, and spirit are in alignment with the laws of nature and perfection, radiant health is the natural result. Achieving your ideal body weight and healing dis-ease come naturally all on their own. Developing a healthy lifestyle restores balance and promotes healing on all levels. High Vibe Life offers information, insights and Private Coaching to help you achieve that balance.

Health & Spirituality are Connected

When you make conscious diet and lifestyle choices, you raise your overall health and vitality. This increased vitality enhances your spiritual practices and increases your receptivity to subtle spiritual frequencies. As you develop spiritually, you awaken to higher states of physical, mental and emotional health which raise your awareness even higher. It’s a divine circle, spiraling you upwards. High Vibe Life is here to help you make that connection.


Meditation is the ultimate tool for bringing you into alignment with your Higher Self and Truth. Practiced regularly, meditation will elevate your consciousness and transform all spheres of your life. High Vibe Life offers Meditation Instruction and guidance free of charge. There are many deeper realms full of bliss and contentment awaiting you.

You deserve the bestA beautiful life filled with joy and abundant health.

A High Vibe Life

Raw Food Diet Exotic fruits on a wooden table.


 The Best Time for Change is NOW