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LonelyIn case you missed Part 1, here’s the link: 15 Signs of Emotional Eating (part 1).

15 Signs of Emotional Eating Continued….

8. Food makes life seem more manageable.  When things get too overwhelming, food offers the perfect escape.  You get lost in a bowl of your favorite dish as all your cares slip away.  However, once the dazzle of taste sensation is over you are left with the same uncomfortable feelings plus an over stuffed stomach; you feel worse than before.

9. You think about eating even when you are not hungry.  I’m not talking about the normal planning or shopping for dinner, but the incessant thoughts of food that dominate your head-space.  In extreme cases you can even be forgetful or absent minded because you are distracted by thoughts of food.  This is made worse by the modern food industry that is constantly bombarding us with ads for food.  All it takes is one day of observation to see the multitude of ads and food related images that invade our senses daily.

10. You hide your eating (amount and what you eat) from others.  Maybe you feel ashamed or that you will be ridiculed in some way.  Maybe there is someone in your life who is trying to control your eating habits.  Whatever the reason, secret eating always leaves you with awkward feelings, guilt or shame.

11. You eat foods you don’t even really like or enjoy.  Have you ever been half-way through a dish and realized that you don’t even really like the taste of it?  Did you finish eating it anyway?  Have you ever eaten something blah just because it was “there” or found yourself mindlessly grazing on whatever was in front of you?  You can never really be satisfied eating foods you don’t really like.  You continue eating looking for some satisfaction but are left feeling over full, but still wanting.

12. You believe certain foods (or eating in general) makes you happy.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I love….” (fill in the blank with any food item). For example, “I loooove cheese!”.  Really?  Since when did food become an object of a love relationship?  And more importantly, did that cheese love you back?!  The thrill of a love affair with food is false happiness that never lasts.

13. You live to eat.  You have zero desire to become a breatharian.  If you magically lost all physiological need to eat and your body sustained itself perfectly with all required nutrients all on it’s own, without food, you would still want to eat.  If you could live your life perfectly healthy in body and mind but never eat again, would that appeal to you?  Or does life suddenly seem empty. Would you rather die than live in a food-less world?

14. You eat in a rushed, agitated or otherwise chaotic manner.  This can be a symptom of secretive eating, but it can also reflect the inner energy you have towards food and eating.  Maybe you feel guilty and want to hurry up and finish to “get it over with”.

15. You find it impossible to eat consciously, free of all distractions.  If you’re not watching t.v. while eating then you’re probably on Facebook or surfing the internet.  Or maybe you prefer talking on the phone, reading a magazine or book while you eat.  You find it nearly impossible to simply sit, in silence, alone, and enjoy your meal.

Do any of these signs of Emotional Eating ring true for you?  If so, please know that it IS possible to overcome this and be free.  Emotional Eating is a burden that millions of women carry for decades (maybe even their entire life); however it is not a permanent state of being nor is it your true state of being.  The first step is to recognize what you are doing.

Though you may feel like a victim who is controlled by food, your relationship with food is actually a choice.  Emotional Eating is something you picked up along the way and you can also set it down – consciously.  All you need are the right tools and some guidance. When you address the CAUSE of emotional eating – a very powerful method is doing some Emotional Processing work –  as well as adjust your diet and lifestyle to support you in a positive way, overcoming Emotional Eating is a simple and beautiful experience.

Isn’t it time to choose conscious inner transformation and freedom from Emotional Eating?  You can get additional support with Private Coaching.

How has Emotional Eating affected your life?  Share your story in the Comments section below.