I’m Siddheshwari Devi

Plant Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Achieve Your Ideal Weight Balance and Start Living the High Vibe Life

High Vibe Life Coaching

High Vibrational Raw & Living Foods have the power to activate your body’s natural weight balance. When you start to flood your body with ideal nutrition, in abundance, that’s when the magic happens. Achieving weight balance is just the beginning in this transformative life journey. 

My team and I have the experience and expertise to guide you step by step in nourishing your body and nuturing your soul. 

We take a wholistic approach to plant-based weight balance by optimizing your nutrition, elevating your mindset and inspiring you to launch into your new radiant lifestyle. 

We see the infinite possibilities in humanity and serving you to achieve your Highest Potential is our greatest pleasure.

Well Come to the High Vibe Life! 

Your Thriving Plant-Based Lifestyle

Enjoying the highest quality nutrition on Earth is one of the best investments you will make for yourself, your family and the world.  When we are thriving in mind, body and soul, we are able to more easily share our gifts and talents, achieve success in all areas of life and benefit others as well. 

Learning how to focus your meals around whole fresh foods and optimize your nutrition empowers you to balance your weight naturally, increase your energy and vitality, build a healthy microbiome and happy healthy brain chemistry as well. This opens the flood gates to expressing your greatest Self.

Learn how to elevate your plant-based lifestyle and thrive. 


Life comes from life. Balanced nutrition, rich in minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and biophotons, is a powerful catalyst to upgrade your body and your life.

What we eat literally affects everything from our physical health to our mental/emotional well-being, the environment and humanity as a whole.

Focus, Mindset & Spiritual Connection

We believe a positive mindset is essential to thriving at the highest levels of health.

We use a multi-dimensional approach combining Psychology success strategies with positive focus, visualisation, meditation and aligning with our true essence to create a profound shift in the way we connect with all of life. This is a central core focus in our wholistic High Vibe Life program.

Joyful Movement & Yoga

Our bodies are designed to move, to power us through life and enjoy our physical experiences to the fullest!

We focus on three truths:

1. Eating high vibe foods, abundant in nutrients, creates so much energy that we naturally feel like moving…and it feels good!

2. Balanced and natural movement feels good and enhances our quality of life. Because moving our bodies releases feel-good endorphins, increases oxygenation and nutrient utilization, we are energized by movement and at the same time we become more relaxed,  sleep better, think more clearly and experience positive mood boosts when we find naturally designed to experience pleasure moving. Natural movement By truly embracing this truth, we realise all the ways we enjoy movement, and that ideal movement feels super enjoyable.

3. Adapting movement to what people enjoy doing most combined with guided core workouts, yin yoga sessions and empowering information ensure long term success.


Support & Tailoring

Everybody is unique, so we tailor our coaching to the specific person and their strengths. With a structure that supports ideal progress, and specific tips that can propel somebody’s multiple years or decades in nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual insights.

What Is High Vibe Life?

We enjoy living a high vibrational lifestyle by eating foods and living such that we have a high vibe and balance our energy and vibration. Our goal for High Vibe Life is to be the best place in the world to learn how to thrive while eating plant based foods and thrive in general. We incorporate multiple elements such as nutrition, herbalism, psychology, fitness, yoga, meditation, visualisation, strategy and more. We tailor our approaches to each client uniquely for each client and will be launching more digital programs.

Is High Vibe Life Coaching For You?

If you have decided to be the best version you can be in this world, and live life to the fullest, this coaching is for you. We work with people like you that are positive or have decided to be positive and get results, and wish to get the best information regarding nutrition, physiology, psychology and lifestyle. 

What is The Process Like?

The process includes multiple aspects, and we tailor it as ideally as we can to you. You watch the videos to gain more informatiomation and insights to establish a foundation, and with a personal coach, we guide you through the steps in the most enjoyable way and most exponential way. By exponential we indicate to establish insights and habits so the integrate with the identity for evermore positive change.

1. Knowledge & Inspiration

Herbal suggestions to make detox smoother and more enjoyable

34 nutrition modules, including unique nutritional not taught other places.

11 yoga and physical modules including a full yin and flow yoga course, core workouts and excercise/movement insights and success strategies.

24 positive psychology video modules for most common success factors people have to integrate for long term progressive success reaching greater and greater levels along this path.

4 guided meditation videos and how to meditate.

2 Special modules about connecting even further with our essence and heartfulness.

2 Guided Visualisation videos.

Frequently asked questions video modules.



2. Coaching (group or 1-on-1)

Live coaching via zoom every week where you can get answers for your specific questions.

3. Recipes & Resources

We focus on ideal nutrition while creating the tastiest creative recipes that keep you balanced and satisfied. 

4. Adaptive & Tailored Meal Plan

This is a profoundly beneficial service as when get full review about what we eat, experienced coaches can give feedback about things the client may not have seen or heard about before. Even experienced people benefit greatly by having a coaches reviewing the nutrition over time and adapting the food to you, while keeping it flexible, highly enjoyable, in tune with your intuition and enhancing your vitality.

5. Community support on our positive chat platform on this website.

Receive text support from our team, and friends that share the journey with you on our private social chat platform.

Coaching Opportunities

Monthly Group Coaching

Join our community of super positive women who chose to live their highest life possible! Monthly group coaching guides you through our signature  Plant-Based Weight Balance for Life Program where you get access to all the essentials including our nutrient-rich meal plan, delicious raw and living food recipes, mindset and lifestyle video trainings, yoga and guided meditations. You also receive personalized mentoring and support from me and our energetic Weight Balance for Life community.

Maximum 15 women*


More Details

Program Includes:

  • Meal Plan & Recipes
  • Herbal Support
  • Video Trainings
  • PDFs
  • Lifestyle Resources & Shopping Guides
  • Membership in our private Facebook Community
  • Nutrition Tracking Feedback
  • 1 hour Private Coaching Session with me when you join

How to Join:

Click “Apply” and complete our on-line application. Once approved, we will contact you with the link to join and details on how to get started.


One Month 1-on-1 Coaching

For an even more personalized experience, I offer 1-on-1 coaching to customize our Weight Balance for Life program to fit your individual

More Details

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Three Month 1-on-1 Coaching Package

If you are ready to dive-in fully and go all the way with creating your High Vibe Lifestyle this package is an awesome opportunity to work with me 1-on-1 on  With our 3-month coaching package you receive the same premium support at an excellent value.

More Details

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About Me

My journey began over 15 years ago, I also was inspired to be 40lbs lighter. After a decade with  learning, I finally achieved a balanced weight, and found it to be more easy and enjoyable than I previously thought, and received great benefits in addition to simply being in weight balance, using the power of Raw & Living foods and Mind-Body healing. The benefits I received and feel today is more energy, more mental clarity, increased passion for life, enhanced intuition and connection with my soul essence, better mental function, better mood and much more. Your journey to weight balance isn’t just about food. You must also address mental and emotional thought patterns for ideal progress to ideal wellness and be exponentially more successful long term. I combine my background in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in the field of Natural Health (Plant-Based Nutrition), Detoxification, Longevity Science, Yoga & Meditation) into a holistic approach for helping women achieve a lighter weight according to their goals and permanently transform their lives. Along with my husband, we co-created High Vibe Life, a wellness and Conscious Living business devoted to bringing the most advanced nutrition, energy medicine, meditation and mind-body healing methods to health-seekers worldwide and those desiring deeper spiritual fulfilment. I’m happy you’re here and look forward to supporting you in your journey. 


“Thank you for helping me change my life!!! I now have the RIGHT INFORMATION as well as motivation. I am so happy, grounded and appreciative . . .I see the scale moving everyday so I know I am on the right path. You do realize that is 27 pounds in less than 6 weeks right?!!?” 


Marketing Team Leader

“Ladies, I am speaking from personal experience and as a 25 yr. vegetarian, This is the plan and coach to have if you want to succeed in weight loss with WFPBD. I feel wonderful following Siddheshwari Devi’s coaching program. I have lost weight, inches, and significantly increased my energy in just 4 weeks. As a RN-MSN, a well-read and long time vegetarian and vegan I thought I knew a lot. Not really. I had to refine and lose some of what I thought I knew. So glad I did. Feeling great! Looking better every day. May you all experience good health and vitality 💞 “



“First, my main “non-scale” victories: I continue to sleep better (I have had sleep issues for over 10 years); I am going #2 more often. (I have had constipation for over 10 years); and my new thinking is helping me make better choices about my conversations (less negative and more positive). My scale victory is I have lost 7.5 pounds in 10 days! Yeah!


Certified Yoga Teacher

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