A Clean Body is a Lean Body

Weight loss is simple (and virtually effortless) when you understand how the body works and how to support it’s optional functioning. So many fad diets today complicate the subject of weight loss and do more harm than good. It is true you can “hack” the system to a certain degree and get quick short-term results. But you will pay the price later with diminished health and rebound weight gain (common with most all “diets”); not to mention the toll quick-fix crash diets take on your skin, beauty and vitality. Also, because diets don’t work in the long run, losing and regaining the same weight over and over is depressing and demoralizing, to say the least. Wouldn’t you rather lose the weight once and for all, achieving a healthy lean body…permanently? That’s what happens when you address the cause of the excess weight on your body. The principle causes of weigh gain (fat storage, not muscle) are toxicity and malnutrition. Therefore, to lose weight healthfully and permanently you need to focus on Detoxification and Optimal Nutrition.


It is true that eating excessive calories leads to weight gain. However, it’s the toxicity (both in the diet and the environment) which is the main factor causing the rise in obesity.

Look at the history of our society. There have always been people who tend to overeat, even stuff themselves, and there have always been people who are a little chubby, even fat. But, have you ever seen a 600lb person in any historical photograph in any society? We are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of morbid obesity, which obviously isn’t just from eating too many potatoes.

In order to protect your vital organs from excessive toxicity, your body retains water (to dilute the toxins) and encapsulates toxins in fat cells. This is why it is essential in any weight loss program that you address the toxic load being released into your blood stream as you lose weight. Not properly preparing the body for weight loss and neglecting to support your body’s detoxification process can result in unnecessary damage to your tissues and organs. This is why I highly recommend you consult a competent natural health practitioner who is experienced in detoxification methods when you embark on a weight loss program. There are many detox support protocols I use with my weight loss clients, which not only protect their health but also make the process more pleasant.

Optimum Nutrition

Here is a little secret: When you get proper nutrition…cravings disappear. And if you’ve ever tried to lose weight , you will know that freedom from cravings is huge. Your body is a highly intelligent creation and it’s designed to flourish. If you aren’t getting the proper nutrition, either from eating too much junk food and empty calories or from under eating (i.e. dieting), then your body will continue to send hunger signals until you feed what it needs. Though the body needs calories, we usually get plenty of those. But what about all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, probiotics, essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc. required by the body for it’s very existence? This is what is seriously lacking in most people’s diets today. When you eat to maximize your nutrition, you not only support your weight loss efforts, but you feel better, you look better, and you have more energy!

The simplest and most natural way to do this is to eat real food, especially raw living foods. All animals know how to tell real food from strange chemicalized concoctions made to appeal to the senses only (with little nutritional value, if any). Have you ever tried to feed a Snickers bar to a cow? He will sniff it, look half-amused, and go back to eating the live grass. Today, we are inundated by tantalizing snack foods that stimulate our taste buds, but leave us hungry for real nourishment. This is a major contributing factor to the constant (often unconscious) snacking we experience in our society.


Raw living foods are naturally packed with nutrition in the exact ratios your body needs. You can also increase your nutrition by focusing on whole foods such as including fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. Cooking food devitalizes it and processing food in any way typically degrades it’s nutritional value. In fact, the more processed a food is (refined, packaged, bottled, frozen, canned, etc.) the less nutrition it will offer.

Once you detoxify your system and begin adding more nutritious foods into your lifestyle, weight loss will be automatic, and virtually effortless! 




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