Benefits of the Raw Food Diet & Weight Loss Coaching

Private coaching is an excellent way to receive  personal 1-on-1 attention, learn how to incorporate more Raw Living Foods into your Diet and Lose Weight Permanently.  You will discover what are the Best Foods for Weight Loss and how to get the most out of the Raw Food Diet. It isn’t necessary to be 100% raw to enjoy the weight loss and health benefits of raw living foods.  Simply by incorporating more raw foods into your diet, you can make a significant impact on your weight and your health.  As a result,  your life will begin to improve in a multitude of ways.

When you experience the Power of Raw Living Foods first-hand you will see for yourself just how amazing you can look and feel!

Private Raw Food Diet & Weight Loss Coaching can Help You:

  • Lose Weight
  • Gain more Energy
  • Have better Digestion
  • Feel Better in your own Body
  • Give your Skin a Radiant Glow
  • Reverse Disease Conditions
  • Improve your Health & Vitality
  • Have Clearer Thinking and Sharper Mental Focus
  • Learn ways to include more Raw Living Foods into your Diet
  • Transition to a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle (if that’s what you want)
  • Make other Lifestyle Adjustments to Support your Health & Wellness Goals
  • Process Stagnant or Blocked Emotions that are Holding you Back
  • Connect more with Nature and Your True Self
  • Improve your Mood and Mental Well-being
  • Overcome Disordered Eating & Food Issues
  • Learn How to Handle Social Situations 
  • Experience more Optimism in your Life
  • Increase your Awareness of the Subtle
  • Become more Still and Mindful

Your Private Coaching session may cover all of the above and more

What’s Special about Sara Marie’s Coaching?

When you are looking for a mentor to guide you on your weight loss and wellness journey, it’s important to find someone who is competent AND someone who you connect with; someone with whom you feel comfortable and confident sharing your inner self – your struggles and your triumphs.  Here is a little about Sara to give you a better understanding of the benefits you will receive working with her as your coach:

  • Sara teaches from personal Experience as well as research and formal study.  She has been an overweight junk food eater sugar addict, a vegetarian, a vegan, and a raw vegan with fasting experience.  She understands the struggles of each phase and knows how to achieve success, as she has done with her own health.  She has the experience to guide you through whatever level of wellness you are ready to achieve.
  • Sara recognizes that we are whole beings with an intimate relationship between Mind/Body/Spirit.  She offer’s her clients much more than simple dietary advice and tips on physical wellness.  The guidance Sara gives addresses the many levels of wellness and how they are all interconnected.  The truth is, you cannot be well on one level and unwell on another.  Wellness is a whole-being experience.
  • With a background in Psychology and a personal meditation practice, Sara is able to provide you with Emotional & Spiritual Guidance as well – when the time is right and according to your level of desire, openness and receptivity.
  • You set the pace according to your comfort level.  If you simply want information on adopting a vegetarian diet, you can do that.  If you want to dive deeper into Emotional Eating patterns or develop a spiritual practice to deepen your inner connection, you can go there too.  It’s all up to you.
  • Sara offers total acceptance of who and what you choose to be.  We are all evolving in our own ways at our own pace.  Wherever you are is just fine.  Her goal is to help you grow into whatever you want to be.  Sara does not expect her clients to live and think exactly as she does.  You are unique and Sara respects that.
  • Health & Wellness is Sara’s personal passion.  Unlike many people who’s jobs are simply a source of income (something they would leave in a heartbeat if they could), wellness is a way of life for Sara.  It is something she values deeply and desires to share with anyone who is receptive and ready to benefit. When Sara’s not at “work”, she’s researching, studying and living what she teaches.
  • You get Sara’s undivided attention. Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office and realized he’s looking at a clipboard (or computer screen) more than he’s looking at you?  Have you ever got that odd sensation that, though he appears to be listening, you’re pretty sure he doesn’t really “hear” you?  Did you feel rushed and leave feeling bewildered, with a prescription for something you couldn’t pronounce, you weren’t sure exactly why you should be taking it and had an intuitive sense that pills were not going to solve the problem but only add to your toxic load?  We’re not picking on doctors.  There are many very sincere and competent ones out there, but often they are very overbooked, stressed, and lacking in still conscious presence.  Because Sara doesn’t personally enjoy that experience, she makes it a point to be focused and fully present with her clients.
  • Sara is very thorough. It isn’t in her nature to give only half-knowledge. She want’s to give her clients every thing she knows as best as she can in the given time you have with her. Chances are you will find you get an abundance of information from your coaching sessions with Sara.
  • Sara is committed to her clients.  Yes, that means she is thinking about you long after your session is over.  She may wake up in the middle of the night and jot down notes of something she thinks will benefit you and make your journey easier.  Or she may spend hours typing a follow-up email to one of your coaching sessions, just to be sure you understand everything clearly.

Can I Afford Private Coaching?

Private Coaching is an investment in your long-term health & wellness, your vitality, longevity, and your quality of life.  If you learn how to properly care for your precious self NOW, before you encounter the diseases of so-called “old age”, the diseases which result from ignorance of Mother nature’s laws of wellness, you will save your self not only money (sickness is extremely costly, sometimes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars), but more importantly, you will save yourself the immense suffering that goes along with it.  You deserve a life full of abundant energy, an attractive slim body, and the enthusiasm and positive mental space that are natural by-products of good health.

As I mentioned, medical costs are very high.  What’s worse, the treatments are often only addressing symptoms (not the cause) and have many negative health consequences known as side-effects.  Is this something you feel good about paying for?  Enlisting the help of a competent wellness coach will help you address – and often eliminate – the cause of the problem.  You will become more educated on how to prevent disease and know that you are making an investment in your wellness for life, saving yourself money in the long run.

Whatever you do in life, you’ll never regret investing in your health.  You are worth it!  Buy yourself the highest quality organic foods, spend the extra few dollars to get fresh pressed raw juices, buy that gym membership or yoga class series, get a massage, make quiet time to your self.  You are so much more important than a material object (your house, car, etc.).  Now is the time invest in YOU, so you can enjoy life , be there for your family and live dis-ease free joyfully!

Discover how Private Coaching can Help you Change your Life!

We offer a free consultation for anyone interested in private coaching. This includes an assessment of where you are now and how Private Coaching can help you personally achieve your wellness goals. Simply click the link below to submit the “Getting to Know You Form”. You will then be contacted to schedule your Free Consultation with Sara Marie. During your consultation, Sara will answer any questions you may have and help determine if coaching is right for you.

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