Remember Who You Wanted to Be

Yesterday I was going about my mundane business...trying to squeeze myself into an impossible parking spot... when a bumper sticker caught my eye: "Remember Who You Wanted to Be" Hmmm....Had I forgotten? Funny how a faded, weather-torn sticker can carry such a powerful message. You see, most of us DO forget. We start out young and inspired, with a dream in our hearts. But somehow - like that worn out bumper sticker - the ravages of the "real world" seem to beat that dream down until it is a quite voice behind the loud speaker of life. Is it true that we have to "grow up", be "realistic" [...]

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Lunar Eclipse of the Century!

I don't know about you, but I was up VERY late last night. Why? Because the moon is nearly full and I'm sensitive to it's effects on our magnetic fields. And this is only the beginning. We are just about to experience the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE OF THE CENTURY! You don't want to miss this. Not so much for the visuals, which are a rare and unique sight indeed, but more for the energetic effects. Let's just say, this is an excellent time to meditate! (Note: The eclipse will not be visible from the United States. The best place to actually view the eclipse is India!) Ancient cultures [...]

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Travel Well Tips

Getting ready for a trip? Whether your trip is long or short, for business or pleasure, you are sure to experience a mixture of excitement and stress. Yes, even the "good" things in life can be very stressful (ever planned a wedding?).  Although there are many things to consider as you prepare for your adventure (what to pack, passports, visas, money, flights, etc. etc.), one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that you don't get sick! Nothing ruins a vacation more than a cold/flu or bout of traveler's diarrhea. Below are a few tips to keep you well and some advice on steps [...]

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Staying Slim this Holiday Season

The Holiday Feast Although the holidays are supposed to be about friends & family, caring & sharing, and - for a good number of people - faith & devotion; something else has the power to totally eclipse the sacredness of the season...and that is eating. The truth is that for most of society, the Holidays are also primarily about feasting, usually on delicious dishes that you only get once a year. Restriction Leads to Binging This perceived scarcity is  part of the reason most people also overeat during the holidays. It's a basic psychological fact that when we are deprived of something - like our mother's favorite stuffing [...]

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Freedom from Emotional Eating – 5 Simple Steps

Emotional Eating can ruin more than your waistline. It can affect your relationships, your career, and your overall quality of life. There has never been a better time than now to free yourself from this misery and this article will help you out. The following 5 simple steps will be massively helpful in your journey to freedom from emotional eating. But remember, you have to actually apply these steps in order to see results. I give you the keys below, but you have to turn the lock.   Step 1 - Recognizing Emotional Eating You may have heard it before, and it’s true; the first step in resolving [...]

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When it’s NOT Emotional Eating

So you just polished off an entire bag of chips...again...and you're blaming it on Emotional Eating.  Before you begin to criticize yourself for not having better "control" over your emotions (more on this subject below), let me tell you about addictive foods that may have their hooks in you, and empty foods that will always leave you hungry for more. Emotional Eating is real and most of us engage in it occasionally.  However, there are other non-emotional reasons people overeat.  One reason is that people are eating foods that are addictive.  Have you ever heard someone (or yourself) say, I'm just so addicted to cheeeeeze....(or chocolate, or bread, [...]

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15 Signs of Emotional Eating (part 2)

In case you missed Part 1, here's the link: 15 Signs of Emotional Eating (part 1). 15 Signs of Emotional Eating Continued.... 8. Food makes life seem more manageable.  When things get too overwhelming, food offers the perfect escape.  You get lost in a bowl of your favorite dish as all your cares slip away.  However, once the dazzle of taste sensation is over you are left with the same uncomfortable feelings plus an over stuffed stomach; you feel worse than before. 9. You think about eating even when you are not hungry.  I'm not talking about the normal planning or shopping for dinner, but the incessant thoughts [...]

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15 Signs of Emotional Eating (part 1)

In my previous article, "The REAL Cause of Excess Weight",  I identified Emotional Eating as a common factor making it difficult to lose weight.  We've all heard the term "Emotional Eating", but what does it look like and does it apply to you? In this 2-part series I describe 15 signs of emotional eating.  I have broken it into two articles to give you time to digest the material...pun intended. ;-)  Most of us engage in some of these behaviors some of the time.  However, when they become daily habits, it's clear that emotional eating is playing a role in our life; a role we can eliminate with [...]

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Raise your Vibes with Fruit

Fruit is one of the Highest Vibrational foods on the planet!!! It's juicy essence is pure liquid sunshine manifested in a delectable edible.  You can intuitively sense the the elevated consciousness of fruit just by observing it's exquisite beauty and vibrant allure, and it's high water content means superconductivity of electromagnetic currents. Did you know fruit is also high in Electro-Lights? ;-)  Quite simply, you are what you eat. When you replace denser dead cooked foods in your diet with High Vibe Fruit, your energy raises and you Lighten-up! Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Pick your favorite peace and Enjoy!

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How I Beat My Sugar Addiction

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates A Sugar Addict From the Beginning Sugar withdrawals can be hell, I know.  I’ve fought that battle many times before.  I think I was probably born with a candy bar in my hand.  As far back as I can remember, I have always favored munching on something sweet over “real food”....  READ FULL ARTICLE

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