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Treat or Trick???

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it fitting to post on the effects of white SUGAR on our health.  I'm talking about that additive white powdery stuff, not the natural wholesome sugar coming from fruit. ;-) Here are Some of the Effects of Refined White Sugar: - Highly Addictive - Stresses the Liver - Depresses Immune Function - Stimulates Appetite - Promotes Weight Gain - Destroys your Teeth - Increases Bad Cholesterol and Triglycerides - Can Cause Insulin Resistance (think Diabetes) - Feeds Cancer Cells - Causes Mood Swings and Depression - Totally Devoid of Nutritional Value - Creates Mineral Imbalances - Promotes Gray Hair (Copper Deficiency) [...]

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The REAL Cause of Excess Weight

I know, I know.  We think we've got this thing all figured out. It's the calories!  Right? Calories in, calories out.  If you're eating more than you burn via exercise, then you gain weight...simple. Or so we thought. This is a strategy followed by many a dieter, and it seems straight forward enough.  The problem, though, is that not all calories are created equal!  I promise you, 100 calories of strawberries will NOT affect your body the same way that 100 calories of frosting will.  So, although there is some truth to the "calories in, calories out" philosophy, it's not enough for long-term permanent weight loss. Okay, so [...]

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Research Shows Gratitude Heightens Quality of Life

I'm a huge fan of Gratitude...why?  Because it works!   Here is a short excerpt describing the scientific findings on the Positive Benefits of Gratitude: "Two psychologists, Michael McCollough of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and Robert Emmons of the University of California at Davis, wrote an article about an experiment they conducted on gratitude and its impact on well-being.  The study split several hundred people into three different groups and all of the participants were asked to keep daily diaries.  The first group kept a diary of the events that occurred during the day without being told specifically to write about either good or bad things; [...]

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Raw Food Diet & Weight Loss Coaching

Looking for some Support & Guidance on your Raw Food Weight Loss Journey? Private coaching is an excellent way to receive  personal 1-on-1 attention and learn how to incorporate more Vibrant Life into your Diet.  You will learn what are the Best Foods for Weight Loss and how to get the most out of the Raw Food Diet. It isn't necessary to be 100% raw to enjoy the weight loss and health benefits of raw living foods.  Simply by incorporating more raw foods into your diet, you can make a significant impact on your weight and your health.  As a result,  your life will begin to improve in a multitude of ways. When you [...]

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The Positive Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies we can cultivate. When we pause to reflect on what we're grateful for, every cell in our being responds with a resounding "YES"! Authentic gratitude can strengthen our immune system, lower blood pressure, and improve our sleep.  Additionally, those who practice gratitude are measurably more optimistic, outgoing and feel less lonely and isolated. I say "authentic" gratitude, because raising your vibration isn't something that can be faked.  It doesn't happen by just roboticly stating, "I'm grateful for...such and such".  That's only superficial and we're looking to go deeper here. It's the feeling energy of gratitude, not the content, that raises your vibration. [...]

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Green Smoothies Made Easy

Greens smoothies are one of the BEST ways to get more raw greens (with their life-giving chlorophyll) into your diet.  And, when done right, they are SWEET and DELICIOUS!  I drink one every morning...and sometimes more! Green Smoothies are an excellent way to begin your day. Starting out in the morning with something FRESH sets you up to make better food choices throughout the day. You can have a green smoothie before your regular breakfast or as a breakfast replacement. You can also have a green smoothie as a mid-day snack. Since it's made with fruit, it's best to drink this smoothie on an empty stomach, as fruit [...]

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Feel Good Fruit

Fruit is not only Delicious, but it has the perfect ratio of water, fiber, and nutrients for optimal health.  Unlike refined white sugar, which can throw your whole system out of whack (blood sugar spikes, dehydration, mood swings, mineral depletion, etc.), Fruit is Whole and Balanced which creates the same in you - Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. Want to feel good? - Eat fruit.  Want to look good? - Eat fruit.  Simple. Your Body and Brain run on glucose, that's why you have a sweet tooth!  And Nature has provided the perfect remedy.  Everything in Nature is like that, perfect Balance and Harmony.  Only many of us have [...]

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New Year’s Gratitude

Approaching 2015 with Gratitude Laying in my warm dry bed this morning (as the rain pelted down in near freezing temperatures), I was reflecting on what a blessing it is to actually have a bed!  You see, I have a friend who lives in town who doesn't have a bed.  In fact, he doesn't even have a home.  His name is Robert and he is a living example of gratitude. When I first met Robert it was summertime and he was standing outside of the grocery store holding up a sign.  My husband and I had just picked several buckets of pears that afternoon in an old abandoned orchard nearby.  We had plenty to share. [...]

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