About Sara Marie

Siddheshwari understands intimately the connection between our diet and our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Washington and over 20 years of personal experience in Mind-Body Wellness, specializing in Raw Living Foods, Plant Based Nutrition, Weight Loss, Emotional Eating and Personal Transformation.

As the Creator & Co-Founder of High Vibe Life, Siddheshwari devotes her time and expertise to serving health-conscious clients worldwide through her Private Coaching practice and offering free wellness education via multiple media outlets. She also practices and teaches Private Yoga and Meditation. In her free time, Siddheshwari enjoys organic gardening, creating music and spending time in wild nature. 

Siddheshwari is deeply committed to helping others achieve optimum health in all spheres of their life – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  Explore Siddheshwari’s Private Coaching to learn more about how she can help you open to new possibilities and transform your life for the better.

Private Coaching